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Welcome Warriors!

Welcome to the Warrior Woman Way Blog

I am so excited to share my journey with you. I have many stories to tell and questions to answer.

My first encounter with Martial Arts began six or seven years ago, in London, England. A friend from university invited me to a ladies only Muay Thai class and I thought I'd give it a try and support a female coach. When she was unable to continue classes due to injury 6 months later, I decided to try a class at the gym she fought out of: Ko East, Bethnal Green. A year later I had my first fight, but that my friends, is another story.

Truth is, I became a fighter long before I ever stepped into a ring. Trials and tribulations had long been by my side. The irony is, doing martial arts and becoming a fighter ultimately helped me to overcome many of my demons outside the ring.

I have lived a lot of life for my thirty years, and while this wasn't always full of sparkle and unicorns (my fave), I have been blessed to have experienced a full range of human emotions so intensely.

For years I wished that someone could relate, listen or even better, understand the things I was going through. But, some of my experiences were more specific and unrelatable to many people in my immediate circle. I started Warrior Woman as a away to connect, share and inspire women who may have shared or could benefit from the things that have happened in my life. I

Muay Thai is a gift I have graciously received. I hope that through this blog, and the brand in general, that I am am able to share some of those blessings with the Warrior Community.

Love and Light,

Alanna xoxo

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