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About us

Warrior Woman Way is a brand that empowers, inspires, and nurtures women to be all that they can be, authentically, courageously, and lovingly.

We understand that martial arts are rarely marketed or even sometimes accessible to women. The environments are often owned, run, and attended almost exclusively by men. As a result, these spaces are often too intimidating and unwelcoming for many women.

Warrior Woman Way provides Muay Thai and Mental Wellbeing workshops that introduce martial arts practice and philosophy in a safe, accepting, and female-only environment. We seek to boost confidence both physically and mentally and connect with the Warrior Woman within that we all possess.

We believe in the power of women, education, and martial arts. We seek to change lives by nurturing women and girls in whatever we can and we are actively creating a community of like-minded Warrior Women to connect and share with.


We have big dreams here at Warrior Woman and we would love you to be a part of our pride. Please connect by subscribing below, following us on Instagram @warriorwomanway, or simply pinging an email to

We would love to hear from you! 

All the Warrior vibes,


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