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Warrior Woman Workshop

Our group workshops seek to empower women through the combination of self-defense and self-development exercises. We create a safe and welcoming space for you to learn at your own pace in a class that is specifically tailored with your needs in mind. 

We understand why some women don't want to commit to martial arts fully, but we don't want them to miss out on developing some of the positive mental aspects associated with the sport. This workshop aims to deliver physical and mental training in a relaxed setting.

The class begins with an introduction to self-defense practices and ideology. Then, a gentle warm-up introduces the ancient art of Muay Thai (beginners welcome). We will cover basic boxing as well as elbow and knee strikes. Too many boxfit and kickfit classes do us women a massive disservice by not teaching us how to hit properly. No matter your gender or size, you are capable of generating plenty of power behind those punches. This class will teach you how.


Finally, we will close with a short self-development exercise aimed at women who are looking to create change in their lives. Expect change through discussion and individual and group exercises. Everyone leaves feeling much more powerful than when they stepped in.

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