Warrior woman workshop

This series of workshops seeks to empower women through the combination of martial arts/self defence and self development exercises. We seek to create a space for women that would otherwise be intimidated or uncomfortable attending a stereotypical thaiboxing gym. But this excludes them from developing some of the positive mental training that is associated with martial arts. This workshop aims to deliver both.

we begin by introducing the ancient art of muay Thai (beginners welcome) and fuse it with a self-development workshop aimed at women who are looking to create change in their lives.

The first hour will consist of learning muay Thai basics and simple combo padwork. This will be a fitness based session but is open to any and all levels. Too many boxfit and kickfit classes do us women a massive disservice by not teaching us how to hit properly. No matter your gender or size, you are capable of generating plenty of power behind those punches. This class will teach you how.

The remaining 90 minutes will be spent on a topic that offers fresh perspectives and positive solutions to some of the biggest problems facing women today. Expect change through discussion, and individual and group exercises. Everyone should leave feeling much more powerful than when they stepped in.