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My Channel

My Channel


I Am based in los angeles, california. I teach in and around the Hollywood area. Stay up to date here for current class schedules and Feel free To email for professional inquiries.

MTK Gym, North Hollywood.

Monday: 5:45PM, 7PM, 8:15PM

Tuesday: 5:45PM, 7PM, 8:15PM

Wednesday: 8:30AM, 11AM

Thursday: 5:45PM, 7PM, 8:15PM

Friday: 8:30AM, 11AM

Saturday: 11AM

technique led classes using any combination of pads, bag and conditioning circuits that builds up muay thai combos with an emphasis on correct form and striking hard, Finished with a conditioning blast.


zenki dojo, los feliz/ East hollywood.

sunday: 11am

A ladies only Warrior woman signature class focusing on mind, body and Muay thai /Self defence foundations. Hiit, stretching, kickboxing and core...what more could you ask for?

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