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How to Choose the Right Martial Arts Gym

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, choosing the right martial arts academy for you is a significant decision, and there are many aspects to consider when doing so. This can be a fascinating experience, but we want to help you streamline the process to have assurance and peace of mind when you make your final selection with so many options out there.

Here are our top 5 tips to help you make an informed decision:

Professional Team

Excellent customer service should be essential for you. How the gym or academy treats both potential customers and students says a lot about their overall operation. It should be easy to inquire about information or offerings, sign up for a trial and discuss membership options. A business that is professional in its actions and teachings will make this an easy process, even an enjoyable experience for you.

The professionalism and experience of instructors will be an essential factor. High-level instructors can break down concepts into bite-sized chunks that are suitable for beginners. They are equally capable of developing strategies for those who are more advanced. Regardless of their expertise, they should be friendly and welcoming, easy to communicate with and deal with students in a professional manner.

Suppose you are unsure about which particular martial art you would like to start with or try. In that case, it could be worth considering a gym that offers multiple disciplines so that you can train across different styles or try them all out before making a decision.


The right space is almost as important as the right teachers. Most importantly, it must be clean. Hygiene is monumentally crucial due to the nature of combat sports. Look for somewhere that has clean equipment and is tidy. Not all businesses will have first-class training facilities. That is why it’s a good idea to visit gyms in person to ensure that you are in a space with an open space, a pristine environment, and enough equipment for all students to use.

Something that cannot be seen but is also crucial to an authentic experience is that a martial arts’ spirit is embodied at the academy. You should readily notice that there is respect among all the staff and students. Classes should teach discipline, humility, and patience. You should feel pushed outside your comfort zone but supported by knowledgeable instructors who guide you along the way.

Location and Schedule

Some gyms and teachers are worth traveling for, but the location will, of course, be an essential part of the decision-making process. Firstly, consider how far you are willing to travel. You may wish to set the parameter slightly wider just in case a gym is perfect for you that is worth a little extra travel time. If you struggle with motivation to get to the gym, then choose somewhere close to your home or work so that there is one less excuse to get down to class.

An academy that offers classes that match your schedule is, of course, a necessity. Ideally, choose an establishment with an extensive offering. This way, if your schedule changes, you can still attend training. Anywhere that offers additional virtual classes is a bonus, this way, you need never miss a session wherever you are or whatever is happening in your life.


One of the easiest ways to decide which gym to visit is to check their online reviews. It’s easy to read genuine reviews on Google to gain insight into how well others receive them. Websites may be convincing, but reviews will tell the whole story. Some businesses may not have that setup, so an alternative could be checking how long the company has existed; those that have proved the test of time have usually done so through dedicated service to their community.

Desired Outcome

Finally, take your goals and expectations into consideration. Are you looking for a new hobby or trying to get fit? Or perhaps you have a deadline for a goal weight or are even interested in competing. Regardless of your desired outcome, it should be taken into account and potentially discussed with staff to ensure that they can meet your needs or fulfill your objectives.

It is equally valid to discuss any concerns regarding ability, injuries, safety, etc. A professional establishment will happily help you with this.

Approach your decision-making process as if you were choosing a new friend or employee. Indeed, the community you select often becomes like a second family, so choose wisely. They should reflect your values or values that you aspire to have. There is no need to rush this decision.

Having a good idea of what you are looking for makes you less likely to be pressured into a quick sale or make hurried decisions. Wherever you choose, we hope these tips make your selection process a little bit easier.

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