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Personal Training


I’m a fully qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer with a specialist background in muay Thai and functional training. I empower my clients to look and feel their best by pushing them past what they believe is possible. I deliver varied and progressive training plans that will challenge and change you.  Coupled with a strong passion for good nutrition I can help and encourage you to get the results you want. I am based in Zenki Dojo, Los Feliz or am also available for home visits. Whether you simply want to get fit, build that booty, boxercise or begin your martial arts journey, I can cater to your needs.

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  • Real Technique: learn how to hit with speed and power

  • Burn Calories: Have fun, learn a new skill and push yourself beyond what you believed possible

  • Mental Wellbeing: by training hard, testing your limits and reaching your goals you will increase your ability to motivate yourself,deal with difficult situations while decreasing stress and anxiety.


    Single Session PAYG: $70

    3 Session Intro Offer: $180

    10 Sessions: $650

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"Training with Alanna is always a highlight of my week. Every session is different which keeps things interesting and keeps me feeling challenged. It is rewarding to feel my fitness and strength improving after only a few sessions and I am looking forward to seeing this develop further. I am particularly enjoying the muay Thai sessions - Alanna's passion and expertise for the sport is clear to see and it is fun, challenging and rewarding for me.” -Rebecca Neumark, Fashion designer

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